Our Journey To Recovery

Our Journey To Recovery

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Feburary 25, 2015

Today we started a Go Fund Me campaign (Christopher's Therapy Expense Fund) to help offset Christopher's medical and therapy expenses. This is one of the hardest thing we have had to do. We have been so blessed by the continued outpouring of support, both emotional and physical from all of our friends and the Lassiter community.

Over the past three years with the implementation of the healthcare reforms, we like many others have been hit very hard. Our premiums increase while the benefits seem to disappear. Many of the needed therapy programs are no longer covered, or out of network, so they must be paid out of pocket.

Any donations that are made will go to offset the expenses incurred for Christopher's therapy and medical bills. Our thanks to all of you, for your kind words, thoughts, prayers and ongoing support. We love you, Christopher is here because of your love for him.

God has a plan, whether it is the smiles or the hugs he shares, he will touch your heart. If you could see him in action at Publix, you'd know, he is spreading the love.

Do you think he's excited?
Christopher just received a package from a friend in Australia with swag from the St Kilda Saints, an Aussie Rules Football Team from Melbourne. Thanks Scottie.

Early February 2015

Christopher has been participating in the neuro-feedback therapy now since mid January. It is hard to say if we have seen any big changes at this point. However we have noticed some subtle changes in his writing and his ability to focus. This is definitely encouraging. While watching him during the sessions, it is hard to understand the process.

After Ryan, who is the technician, places the electrodes on his head, Christopher watches a video. At the moment it is Cars2. He loves it. Ryan is monitoring the brainwaves as he watches the video. When Christopher first started he was all over the chart, but over the past few sessions everything is becoming more controlled, his brainwaves are flattening out and they are tracking closer to where they should be.

Christopher has a couple more sessions before they will start moving the electrodes to target the frontal lobes of his brain. This area of the brain maintains controls of your verbal and non-verbal communication skills, your positive and negative emotions and has a lot to do with balance and motor skills. It is very possible we could see or hear improvement in Christopher going forward.

We have had a follow-up meeting with Dr. Jeff Carney, he is the surgeon that did the initial repair to Christopher's bladder. We have scheduled him for the hopefully final surgery to remove scar tissue and open any strictures they may find. If all goes well they will remove his catheter. Which will complete another milestone in his recovery.

After talking with Dr. Seiler we are waiting to see if there is any improvement to Christopher's arm associated with the neuro-feedback. Keep the prayers coming, hopefully this could keep him from having surgery on his arm and wrist. Fingers crossed.

Late January 2015

Well we have reached another milestone. Today Jan. 21, 2015 we are having the elevator removed from our garage.
Thank you Blue Moose Elevators
We have shown many pictures in the past of Christopher sitting on the lift looking out at the front yard and street watching the neighbors as they walked by, he loved sitting out there.
This photo was taken Aug. 2013 with Will and Virgo.
Now it is time to move on to another chapter. Now I just have to rebuild the stairs. Thanks Gary for your offer to help. It should only take a few days to replace the landing and stairs. Project time. Yea!

Two weekends and the stairs are done, 30 seconds later Davis has them covered up with his junk. Back to normal
Thanks to Matt, Jill and Tim for coming by to see Christopher. You make his day each time you come by.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Early January 2015

Another year gone by. The older I get the faster they seem to come and go.

Christopher continues to show signs of improvement in his walking and cognitive abilities. We can't thank Cathy and Gary enough for their continued efforts working with Christopher. Another one of the reasons Christopher has continued to show progress has been the tireless efforts of his care assistant, Locky. 

She has been instrumental in keeping him focused on his work. Each day they work on reading, writing and many other skills he has to relearn. She has been a great addition to Christopher's recovery program.

We are so excited; Christopher is to start the Neuro-feedback therapy Jan. 16th. During the follow-up visit with Dr. Soutar, he expressed his belief Christopher's potential for benefit from the therapy, is excellent. This is the first intervention he has undergone to target the effects of the brain trauma, we are very hopeful.

We continue to work with his left arm and wrist to battle the muscle tone which continues to hamper its use. It has been a persistent issue. We have been told it is possible we could see some benefits to combat this from the neuro-feedback therapy.

Working hard
Stretching those muscles

Monday, February 2, 2015

December 2014

Christopher has started a new therapy program, Neurofeedback training. In this program the individual undergoes an EEG where the brain waves are monitored and it is determined which areas of the brain are functioning and at what level.

Once a baseline is observed, a program can be developed to target areas of the brain that are under working or those that are over working, compensating for the other.  
Christopher undergoing the brain mapping session.
 The hope is the retraining of the brain will help him in regaining his speech, there has also been some success in lessening the effects of the muscle tone and spasms which is still been a problem with his left arm and hand. We are keeping our fingers crossed and praying this will help.

At GA Hand for another round of Botox injections. Thanks Dr. Seiler.
Since Christopher's surgery to remove the bony formation on his right knee we have been going to Children's Healthcare Sports Medicine Center for physical therapy. Blair the therapist there has been great getting Christopher out of his comfort zone a little. But also rewarding him for his hard work by letting him do some things he really enjoys, like throwing a baseball.


The holidays have been wonderful, Robert has been here visiting. We've been to the lake several times, the weather has been pretty mild. We've done lots of Christmas shopping, we haven't bought a lot but we've shopped.

Australia 2005
2014 together again, my how they have grown.

We went down to the Sweet Auburn Market for lunch and stopped by Grady Hospital to see the staff in the Neuro ICU. They haven't seen Christopher walking on his own yet, so it was a big surprise.
Tracie and Christopher
Tracie is one of the guest relations staff members, she manages the waiting area and assists the visitors to the unit. She is a stroke survivor, herself once a patient in this unit.

Christmas Eve we spent at church and at dinner with the Hampels and the Panosians. Good food, great friends. Kids in the other room, having a blast reminiscing, what a wonderful time.
Sitting around the Hampel's dining room table enjoying the fellowship.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Novemeber 2014

The month of Thanksgiving, what do we have to be thankful for. I look at the progress Christopher has made over the past two and a half years. It is incredible.
Grady Hospital
Pushing the cart at the store, look at that smile. Gotta love it.

We have been blessed in so many ways, we can't thank all the people enough that have come into our life during this time. Our hearts have been touched by so many in so many different ways. Our spirits are buoyed by the continued thoughts and prayers the Lord has blessed us with wonderful friends and neighbors who continue to support us through Christopher's recovery. We are so grateful.

Wednesday before Thanksgiving serving meals at MUST Ministries. Great Day!
 Thanksgiving was spent at home with a quite dinner with just our family we had a great time with all of us cooking throughout the day. Each of us cooked some part of the meal. Afterwards we all went to the movies. Great day.

Bowling at US Play in Marietta, Debbie and Christopher dancing.

We would like to thank, once again, Authur Blank and Angie Macuga for the invitation to the Falcon's home game against the Arizona Cardinals. We had such a great time.

Before the start of the game we were down on the field while the teams warmed up. Julio Jones came over to give Christopher a hug, he remembered Christopher from training camp. Christopher was so excited, Julio then ended up having one of the best games of the season.

Freddie Falcon
Owners Luxury Suite

Monday, January 26, 2015

Oct. 30th 2014

We are back in full swing with Christopher's therapy, the knee is holding up well. He is not complaining of the pain like he did before the surgery. As you can see in the picture below Jeanne actually has him down one knee.
Not graceful by any means
He really missed being in the water, he was so happy to see everyone at the pool. Time to head home get some lunch and then head to the stables for some horseback riding.

Still in shorts in October!
Well what a difference a day makes. Here we are with Mitch Word at the Lassiter home football game Halloween night, freezing our tails off.
Mitch and Christopher
Very touching story Mitch sat with us for most of the night, with him talking to Christopher about different things they had done in school and in football. They really seem to be on the same page. Mitch was great with Christopher.

In the photo above, Mitch is pointing to his class ring, he wanted Christopher to have it as a remembrance of the times they shared together. Mitch shared how special his experience in high school was, he would look back and remember how much it meant to him each time he looked at his ring. He now wanted to think of Christopher wearing the ring in hopes it would bring back great memories for him.